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…But sorry, the star of the show is Suzette Araujo, a diminutive, dynamo who plays a dozen different women. I doubt if Lakeland Power produces more electricity than she does

Dick Smyth, Moose-FM CFBG 99.5-Muskoka

“Suzette Araujo, steals the show. Araujo’s high-energy performance is a feat to marvel at, as she plays nine different women in Rogers life” ……… “If you weren’t paying attention, you would likely forget she was the same actress. She is one of the funniest women I’ve seen on stage. She is not only made me laugh throughout the play but I found myself emulating the facial expressions that crossed her face.”

The Muskoka Theatre Projects
Julia Kilpatrick, The Muskoka Sun

“Araujo is filled with an intense energy-it’s not hard to believe that she recently completed a two-year tour with Cirque du Soleil and is at her best when she plays a correspondingly intense character. Her best scene is as the lust-filled condo saleswoman who thrusts herself repeatedly into Roger’s arms, a hilarious piece of clowning.”

The Muskoka Projects
Andrew Wagner-Chazalon, The Muskokan

“But Suzette Araujo’s expressive “Simply Love” and caricaturish “All the Good Men Are Gay” are just two of many charming highlights.”

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star

“Special mention has to be made of Suzette Araujo’s campy tongue-in-cheek rendering of “Surabaya Santa.”

Theatre New Brunswick
Richard Anderson, The Daily Gleaner

“My favorite actress was Suzette Araujo who played the dwarf and bishop.”

Young Peoples Theatre
Kateryna Shpir, Every KID”S Critic