Suzette Araujo

Performer, Singer, Clown, & Music Teacher
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Performer Suzette Araujo

Taking on the World, One City at a Time

Suzette Araujo is an award-winning actress. Her original production of Chandelierva is a critically-acclaimed, no-holds-barred, one woman show which premiered in Toronto and has since toured to Montreal and the New York Fringe Festival.


What are people saying

“My favorite actress was Suzette Araujo who played the dwarf and bishop.”
Kateryna Shpir, Every KID”S Critic

Young Peoples Theatre

“But Suzette Araujo’s expressive “Simply Love” and caricaturish “All the Good Men Are Gay” are just two of many charming highlights.”
Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

“Special mention has to be made of Suzette Araujo’s campy tongue-in-cheek rendering of “Surabaya Santa”.
Richard Anderson, The Daily Gleaner

Theatre New Brunswick

My Highlights

A graduate of Humber College’s drama program and has studied under acclaimed professionals.

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Suzette's Performance while reading a newspaper
Suzette Performing while wearing a mask
Performer Suzette Araujo in Suds group

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